SKU: BCY48002
UPC: 290574800230
Brand: Birchwood Casey
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Birchwood Casey

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Ground Strike Deluxe Display


Ground Strike Targets break new ground in skill improvement and shooting fun. These durable targets withstand
hundreds of rounds and still maintain their shape. Add some excitement to your next trip to the range with
Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Targets. Dimensions: 48"H x 21"W x 18"D



  • 6 48020 Ground Strike Bouncing Target
  • 6 48022 Ground Strike Prairie Chuck Target
  • 6 48025 Ground Strike Combo 8" Plate &
  • 12 - 6" Shoot•N•C Targets
  • 6 48026 Ground Strike Hex Ball Target
  • 6 48028 Ground Strike Belly Dancer Target
  • 6 48030 Ground Strike Prairie Popper Target